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November 1, 2015

Last month was an exceptionally difficult one for the entire Elder Care Services family. We lost one of our most dedicated and hard working employees, Sergeant Major Wilbur Brooks. Wil passed away on Wednesday, October 6 at the young age of 61.

As Director of Food Services, Wil managed kitchen staff and led food planning and preparation for the last eleven Oktoberfest celebrations. He battled cancer for a year while trying to keep up with his Elder Care duties. He believed strongly in our mission and was passionate about his servant role of overseeing the nutritional needs of our frail clients. Wil truly loved his work.

Many of you who knew Wil as the ECS Director of Food Services, may not have known Wil the disc jockey, more affectionately referred to as DJ Smooth. We were all given a glimpse of his musical talent at our first family fun day at the McConnaughhay farm two years ago. Wil  provided the entertainment that afternoon while everyone danced and kept time to the beat.

Wil was one of the most consistent and reliable people I have ever known... a manager’s delight. He had an incredible work ethic and always completed tasks on time with a fervent focus on generating positive revenue and consistent outcomes. It is because of people like Sergeant Major Wilbur Brooks that Elder Care has earned and maintained such a high regard in our community. We will sorely miss Wil and will always remember his dedication and commitment to improving the quality of life for seniors.

Thank you for everything you continue to do in support of our mission!

With warmest regards,

Mark D. Baldino
Contact me @
(850) 245-5930

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