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April 1, 2014

Today is the start of the second and final full month of the 2014 session of the Florida Legislature. We continue to feel optimistic about our funding request and hopeful that our legislators will recognize the significance of what we are asking for and why it is so vitally important. The single most important reason why Elder Care Services needs this state funding is because Florida needs to be ready for the impending retirement of the baby boomer generation.

Nearly every state comes up short in key areas that gauge re­tirement readiness: anticipated retirement income, major retire­ment costs, such as housing and health care, and labor market conditions for older workers. According to a report on retirement readiness presented to the National Institute on Retirement, Wyoming ranked the highest, followed by Alaska, Min­nesota and North Dakota. California, Florida and South Carolina rank among the lowest. The report, presented in 2012 at the institute’s policy con­ference in Washington, D.C., was designed to be used by policy­makers to help identify areas of policy intervention to improve people’s retirement prospects.

Imagine for a moment, how daunting our task will be.  Taking care of the tidal wave of aging retirees, especially when you consider how many of this very large group will be unable to care for themselves, will be a costly concern for Elder Care Services. We believe we have a very well thought out and innovative plan, but without financial help from state government, we may never be able to fully prepare for the inevitable.

Please take a moment to send emails to our Senators and Representatives, thanking them for their support and letting them know how important this issue is to each and every one of us.

Senator Bill Montford  
Representative Marti Coley 
Representative Halsey Beshers
Representative Alan Williams  and
Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasalinda

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