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Septmeber 1, 2015

The 2016 football season kicks off this month and everyone who enjoys sports knows that October and the World Series are right around the corner. At Elder Care, October is the month that we enter into our World Series of fundraising and this year’s Oktoberfest (our 17th) will be one of the most important we have ever held. Oktoberfest is our only significant opportunity to raise money necessary to offset rising expenses. We depend on this event to carry us through the end of our fiscal year after so many downturns in revenue. To mention one extreme case in point: just this year, we are back to the pre-sequestration funding levels of 2012. That was the  year I joined Elder Care, and the spending cuts we endured that year were almost devastating. We survived; however, scenarios like this make it difficult for us to sustain a viable and successful enterprise.

Another example of Elder Care’s funding challenges lies in the complex Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP) from which we derive $338K in funding from the City, County and United Way. For the fourth consecutive year, CHSP funding has decreased and the $2.2M difference between funds requested ($6.4M) and funds budgeted ($4.2M) could have dramatically affected our service to seniors. Fortunately, we were held harmless this year because our ECS management team did such a spectacular job of explaining why our services are so critical and our outcomes so impressive. Our CHSP funding allocation for 2015/16 was only $1,300 less than that of the previous year. We received no negative comments or suggestions from the citizens review team and their remarks corroborated the quality of our presentation:

“The number of clients served by ECS and the cost per client is remarkable”
“ECS’s ability to leverage its resources is excellent”
“ECS engages in impressive collaborative partnerships”  

Through all the funding difficulties, we have persevered, but we sorely need you. Please help us make this year’s Oktoberfest a huge success. Spread the word about our passionate and caring staff. Tell our story to all of your friends and end the discussion with an “ask” to sponsor a table or buy individual tickets. Talk to those you do business with and ask them to donate a gift to our silent auction. And, remember to come to Mission San Luis on Friday evening October 23rd to enjoy yourselves and feel good about your part in helping to improve the quality of life for our seniors.

Thank you for everything you continue to do in support of our mission!

With warmest regards,

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