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May  1, 2015

With nothing to report on from the Capitol beyond a House full of dysfunction, I thought I would share the opening paragraph of an insightful and very powerful essay written by the grandson of one of our long time Meals on Wheels couples, George and Brenda Pfeiffer. I am sure it will lift your sprits and highlight the value of volunteering and what a significant difference it makes in the lives of our seniors who are struggling to survive on SSI and Medicaid. The poignant essay by the Pfeiffers’ grandson Matt begins with the following words.

As we pulled up to the house, if you can even call it a house, my stomach churned with a mix of excitement and fear. I’d been on countless “ride alongs,” but had never gotten out of the car before; I was never allowed. Something about the neighborhood being too dangerous and the people too crazy and me too young. That's what my mom had said, anyway. But Mom wasn't here today; it was "just me and Grandpa." He had been delivering meals to the needy for years, and thought it was time for me to try. He handed me the hot plastic container that held this person's only meal for the day and told me “let's go.” A little confused and even more scared, I slowly stepped out of the old pick-up truck and followed my grandfather to the front door. Before we could even knock, the thin wood door flung open. My grandpa introduced me to a small old lady who was obviously anxiously waiting for us. I had never seen someone so happy to meet someone new. She told me my grandpa was her best friend. Though she only saw him for a couple minutes a day, just having a relationship with another person made her so happy. It wasn't just about the food; it was about making lonely people feel like they matter.

Maybe there is hope if young adults like Matt can bring this kind of thinking and attitude into the political arena. I bet he and his peers could even figure out how to balance our budget because of his realization of the significant need to help those less fortunate in our small Florida community. With proper funding and a solid army of volunteers, I am convinced we can make the aging process secure for all of our seniors.
Thanks for all you do to help us keep them safe and well fed.

Thank you for everything you continue to do in support of our mission!

With warmest regards,

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