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President’s Point - May 2016

May 2016

Last month I received an interesting phone call from a woman who was preparing to sell her parents’ home. She told me that she had been living there since their deaths and was now in the process of moving. While cleaning out the attic she came across a newsletter from the Senior Society Planning Council and wanted to know if I would like to have it.  As many of you know, the Senior Society Planning Council was our name before we officially became Elder Care Services, Inc. on March 5, 1991.
The newsletter had been mailed to her father from 233 Office Plaza Street, Chairs Building 1, an address that no longer exists. Across the top of the front page was the heading:

“Issue 6:  *****SENIOR CITIZEN SPIRIT*****  1975”

The newsletter was obviously typed on an old IBM, Remington, or Royal typewriter. It includes the Council’s “ ANNUAL REPORT “ for the period 10/01/1974 – 09/30/1975. All of the areas reported on – Meals, Transportation, Information & Referral, Telephone Reassurance, Eyeglasses, Senior Citizens Day at the Tallahassee Mall, Outreach and Volunteers – contain the numbers of people served but no financial data.
The rest of the publication is chock full of newsy items, recipes, tips and advice, congregate meal site announcements, special requests, and poems. Here are a few examples:

“Stamps will be going up on January 1 from 10 to 13 cents.”
“Mrs. Marion Lindman is in need of someone to repair her electronic home organ.”
“Wallet Watching – Senior Citizens minds are just as sharp as ever but the younger generation of pickpockets are better manipulators than ever before. Be suspicious of the “nudger” who tries to annoy you by turning your attention elsewhere and will edge close and breathe heavily in your face, while deftly at work on your side pocket, if you are a man.”

It seems that the times were simpler then, but the needs were still the same as they are today. Looking back, I cannot help but think that as a result of our commitment to serving elders, we are all the beneficiaries of the vision and dedication of the Senior Society Planning Council. 
Since 1975 when that newsletter was written, Elder Care Services has delivered more than four million meals, more than doubled the number of Meals on Wheels volunteers and the number of programs we offer, and continues to be successful because of the strength and the dedication of you, our wonderfully generous and deeply committed volunteers!    

Thank you for your continued support!

Mark D. Baldino
Contact me @
(850) 245-5930

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