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December 1, 2014

Many significant events are celebrated in December, not only in America but around the world. There are those we are all familiar with: Pearl Harbor Day on the 7th, Hanukkah on the 20th, the first day of winter on the 21st. Christmas on the 25th, Boxing Day on the 26th, Kwanzaa from the 26th to the 1st, and, of course, New Year’s Eve on the last day of the month. But what about those not widely celebrated or, in some cases, barely recognized on the national stage? Some of these - World AIDS Day on the 1st, International Day of Persons with Disabilities on the 3rd, Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies awarded on the 10th, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death, Human Rights Day on the 10th, Bill of Rights Day on the 15th, and the Day of Goodwill on the 26th – are uniquely meaningful to Elder Care Services.

I would like to expand on the observance of the International Day of Persons with disabilities, established by the United Nations in 1992. It was originally called "International Day of Disabled Persons" and focused on a different issue every year. The aim of the observance is to promote awareness of disability issues and rally support for the dignity and the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also highlights their gains achieved through integration and inclusion in every aspect of life.

At Elder Care Services we help our frail seniors maintain their dignity by providing services that allow them to safely stay in and enjoy the comfort and security of their home. Since last November with the roll-out of Long Term Managed Care, we now serve and support disabled people under the age of sixty. I'm not sure how many of you were aware of this and what better month than December to highlight our expanded role.

Please take time this month to reflect on our collective good fortune and make an extra effort to help us provide comfort and joy to those less fortunate. Thanks for everything you do for our seniors and a special thanks for helping us make December extra special for those among us with disabilities.

Happy Holidays,

With warmest regards,

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